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Checking messages - is any special preparation required to check my messages?
Does PhoneSoft support Linux?
Does PhoneSoft work with the IBM AS/400?
Does PhoneSoft work with the IBM Netfinity?
Does PhoneSoft work with the IBM RS/6000?
Evaluation - can we try out your products without making a commitment?
Foreign languages - which languages are available in text-to-speech?
How many Voice Mail or EMail Reader ports do I need?
Installation - May I install the system on my Domino server?
Outbound dialling - can we click a contact document to originate an outgoing call?
Password - what to do when the system asks for a Notes password
Sampling Rate - which sampling rate is used to record voice messages?
Voice boards - which voice boards do you support?
Voice ports - how many ports are needed?
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