PhoneSoft FAQ
Subject:Evaluation - can we try out your products without making a commitment?
Category:Evaluation, MailCall, Software Development Kit (SDK), Trial Software, Unified MailCall

SummaryPhoneSoft MailCall, Unified Mail and the Telephony Software Development Kit exist as free downloadable multimedia versions. Our e-mail reader and unified messaging products may also be evaluated in a live environment at the end user site.

Free Trial SoftwareOur three main products MailCall, Unified Mail and Telephony Software Development Kit may be downloaded as multimedia versions for running on a Notes client. These are available free-of-charge but do require a password. You DO NOT need a dialogic board to run these downloads.

We normally call this our Trial Software rather than demo software because it goes further than what you might normally expect from a demo. For example, once the MailCall e-mail reader is installed you can point it towards your own Notes mailbox. Yes! You'll be listening to your own mailbox within a few minutes of installation. If you have a microphone you can record responses to e-mails. But be careful - when you Send - they will go!

Rental EvaluationWe are pleased to propose our MailCall e-mail reader and Unified MailCall unified messaging products on rental evaluation. The configuration will depend upon requirements. Please contact us for details.