Introduction PhoneSoftFAX is a client-server based fax server software designed specifically for Lotus Notes and Domino systems. The software is an enhanced version of the award-winning ExtraFax network fax server.
Our fax server not only enables its customers to integrate fax communication seamlessly and cost-effectively in their messaging systems, it also enables its value-added resellers to fax enable their custom made application solution.

  • PhoneSoftFAX brings together the two main forms of communication in today's business world (faxes and electronic mail) into a single product. PhoneSoftFAX can leverage existing corporate messaging infrastructure on the Internet.
  • Imagine the challenges of promptly reading and responding to all the incoming faxes at your home or office while you are overseas attending a sales meeting. Or imagine that scenario where you are on the road without ready access to a fax machine. How can you send your client contracts to close the deal? With all these messaging needs in mind, PhoneSoftFAX provides the integrated solution that bridges the gap between faxes and electronic mail. In short, PhoneSoftFAX puts communication at your fingertips.
  • PhoneSoftFAX brings a new level of fax experience to both Lotus Notes and Web browser users. It enables you to send and receive faxes either from your Notes Desktop or any Web browser - at your most convenient time and from anywhere around the world.
  • PhoneSoftFAX puts communication at your fingertips by bringing faxes and e-mail into a single product.
  • PhoneSoftFAX sends and receives incoming and outgoing faxes via any Web browser or Lotus Notes client desktop.
  • Prints from any Windows application and sends the output to a fax device through ExtraFax Print-to-Fax driver (available on a full spectrum of MS Windows platforms ranging from Windows 7/8/2008/2012).
  • Aims at a zero cost of ownership - PhoneSoftFAX is designed from the ground up as a true 32bits/64bits application and operates as a Lotus Notes/ Domino Server add-in task.
  • Allows remote administration of the fax server through a standard Notes client or any Web browser over the internet/ intranet.
  • Enables remote access of the status of fax jobs (both completed or job-in-queue fax) over the internet/ intranet.
  • Highly customizable and configurable through user profiles and server profiles. Advanced customization can be performed through LotusScript.
  • Supports scheduled transmissions and job priority - allows you to send faxes at a later time to save telephone costs and prioritizes your fax jobs
  • Access control to allow selected users to send international or long distance faxes.
  • Least Cost Routing through the internet/ intranet that may reduce your long distance phone bills.
  • Call accounting and statistics - accesses statistics through a Web browser or export statistics as an ASCII text file for cost allocation and accounting.
  • Supports Intel Dialogic, Brooktrout and a wide variety of fax modems and fax file formats.

PhoneSoftFAX Enhancement
PhoneSoftFAX enhancements to the ExtraFax software include:
  • Improved integration to Notes Address Books for look-up of fax number.
  • Printer driver that automatically places faxed image in Sent folder of Notes inbox.
  • Integration with H.P. Digital Sender.
  • Certified to work with other PhoneSoft products in the same PC.