PhoneSoft is a remarkably powerful and flexible product for creating telephony applications to enhance your Lotus Notes and Domino infrastructure.

What Can We Offer?
Let us develop telephony applications for you. Let us put our experience at your disposal. These can range from quick, simple enhancements to your autoattendant to fully-fledged computer telephony integrations for access/update of Lotus Notes databases.

For Example .....
The range of possibilities is wide. Here are a few:
  • Would you like your autoattendant to provide meaningful information to callers based upon the specific day that people call? Perhaps your warehouse is closed for deliveries on four specific days during the year and you want to tell callers this by way of a special voice message. This enhancement can be provided via a simple script that identifies the date.
  • One of you field service engineers has finished the job. They call into PhoneSoft, enter their ID and the job number and hit "2". This means that the job is now completed. The NSF is now updated and the field service engineer can be given prompt instructions as to what next to do.
  • Running a call center? Need to screen pop a record in a CRM package? Pop the right record at the agent desktop as the call is taken.
  • Running an equipment repair centre? If you do you'll almost certainly issue RMA (Return Materials Authorization) to control the activity. When people call up to ask for status on their repair why not get PhoneSoft to answer all the calls? Request the caller to enter the RMA on the keypad. PhoneSoft will then look up the status in the NSF that controls the RMA's and play back the status. As the repair job moves through the various stages the NSF will be updated. Making this status automatically available to callers is a straightforward task for PhoneSoft. If the status requires personal contact then the caller can be prompted to key 0 to speak with a live agent. This way agents handle only those calls that you really want them to handle. A great time saver. Also a great benefit to callers as this service is available 24 x 7.
  • Want to take the pressure off your accounting department? Are suppliers frequently interrupting their work by calling up to verify the status of payment of their invoices? Let callers to the accounting department leave a voice message stating the details of the invoice that they are chasing. Let PhoneSoft take their message and give them a tracking number and invite callers to call back for the answer in 4 hours. That'll give time for accounts personnel to listen to the voice messages that are captured in an NSF and find out status. The "reply" can be efficiently made by selecting from predetermined responses (".... your invoice has been received, approved for payment and will be paid by check on the 15th. of next month") or by typing or recording a specific response to the question.