Ready for IBM Lotus Software

Version 8.0 of PhoneSoft has been released! Here's a list of the latest features:

Support of SIP and H.323 VoIP protocols
PhoneSoft version 8 supports latest IP-PBXs using VoIP protocols SIP and H.323 (Cisco CUCM, Avaya, etc).
This allows "software only" installations: no telephony hardware is required to connect to the IP-PBX other than a network card.

MP3 voice recordings
Voice messages are now recorded using industry standard MP3 format so any device can receive and listen to office voice mail, including Notes client, Webmail, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and any other smartphone.

Notes & Sametime plugin
Users can easily interact with the PhoneSoft Unified Messaging system by simple Notes and Sametime plugins.

Support of all range of Dialogic voice boards
PhoneSoft version 8 can connect also traditional PBXs using Dialogic E1/T1/ISDN digital voice boards, analogue boards and D42JCT/D82JCT PBX integration boards.

Support of Lotus Notes and Domino from 6.x up to 8.5.x
Version 8 of PhoneSoft is fully compatible with Lotus Notes and Domino 6.x, 7.x, 8.0.x, 8.5.x.

Inbox Filtering - Message Review
Users are able to select how to review new messages. Users can review "all new messages", "new voice messages, "new e-mail messages" or "new fax messages". This is in addition to reviewing messages by subject, sender or days back.

Support of RealSpeak Text-To-Speech (TTS)
Whilst the current and earlier versions of our product support DECtalk TTS, version 8.0 of PhoneSoft will now support the enhanced RealSpeak TTS software. If you would like to test the quality of this TTS visit the Scansoft web site.

Support of Switching TTS
Version 8.0 of PhoneSoft provides the ability for a mobile user to switch between TTS languages, e.g. English to French. This is useful for multilingual users who receive e-mail in different languages.

Mobile Access to Lotus Address Books
Users who are out of the office have telephone access to the contents of their Lotus Address Book. For example, PhoneSoft will read back a person's telephone number.

Mobile Access to Calendar
Users who are out of the office have telephone access to their calendar. PhoneSoft will read back time and subject of all calendar entries found at specified date.

Mobile Access to CRM NSF-based systems
This module provides a basis for efficient custom development. Users who are out of the office can have telephone access to any part (e.g. Contacts) of their CRM system. Required information can be read out using TTS. Fields can be changed based upon keypad input.

FaxBack Module
This module permits callers to retrieve documentation via fax. A network fax server (e.g. PhoneSoftFAX) is required. This module is intended to provide a basis for efficient custom development.

HelpDesk Module
This module permits callers to leave voice messages in an NSF. Callers leave a message and receive a tracking number. The voice messages that are left are accessed by call centre agents and replied to with individual or prerecorded WAV files and/or text. Callers retrieve the agent response by entering the tracking number. This module provides a basis for efficient custom development.