PhoneSoft FAQ
Subject:Auto-Attendant VS Voice Mail - which are the differences?
Category:PBX, Unified MailCall

Unified MailCall Which are the differences between Auto-Attendant and Voice Mail?

The system can work in two different ways depending on your own internal requirements.

In an "Auto-Attendant environment", the system handles ALL incoming calls. It therefore prompts the caller saying "If you know your party's extension you may dial it now".
You may even re-record the prompt adding short dial features for the caller, something like "If you know your party's extension you may dial it now, for Sales press 2 for Support press 3".
Then if you add mailboxes 2 and 3 to the PhoneSoft address book owning the Sales and Support real extensions the caller will be transferred to extension XYZ when dialling 2 for Sales or 3 for Support.

Voice Mail:
In a "DID environment" the system is not used to handle all incoming calls.
The hunt group belonging to the system is used to divert incoming calls to busy/no answer extensions.
In this scenario, the PhoneSoft sytem, answering an incoming call will receive the communication from the PBX informing which exension couldn't answer the phone and the proper person's greeting will be played back to the caller.
The caller will then leave a voice message that will be routed to the appropriate recipient.