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Subject:Filtering the inbox when listening to messages
Category:Configuration, MailCall, PhoneServer, Unified MailCall

Between the new features of PhoneSoft version 6, there is the capability of "filtering" the inbox when listening to messages (listen only voice messages, faxes, emails, listen all new), see below

To take advantage of this new feature you have to copy across to your company's mail template one or more views according to what you want to achieve

When caller wants to review "all new messages", PhoneSoft is just accessing the "$Inbox" standard folder (so nothing to do here)
If for example if you wanted to allow people to be able to listen also to "new voice messages", you have to copy the "($PS Review - Voice Only)" view from the PSMail.NSF database
If you wanted people to be able to "review new faxes" you need to copy the "($PS Review - Fax Only)" view
If you finally wanted people to "review new email only" add the "($PS Review - Email Only)" view

I would suggest you just start by copying the "($PS Review - Voice Only)"
Accordingly you have to edit PhoneServer/menu/edit/MailCall/menus and enable "New Voice Messages" option in the corresponding menus (see below)