PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:Accessing other views when listening to messages
Category:Configuration, MailCall, PhoneServer, Unified MailCall

The menus are enabled/disabled in PhoneServer system wide, but you can still decide what each single user can/cannot access

Option 1 will access the view you have specified in person document as below

This can be as default $Inbox to access the whole Notes Inbox or any other view you specify

Option 2 will access "($PS Review - Voice Only)"
Option 3 will access "($PS Review - Fax Only)"
Option 4 will access "($PS Review - Email Only)"

You could disable options 2, 3, 4 and edit each person document to let user access what you want
For example you could have users set to access $Inbox and users set to access "($PS Review - Voice Only)"
When they log in and press 1 to listen to new messages, the system will behave differently, reading the whole $Inbox for some users and only voice messages ($PS Review - Voice Only) for others!