PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:Setting up Call Screening
Category:Configuration, Installation, MailCall, Telephony, Unified MailCall

Unified MailCallWhat is call screening: the PhoneSoft auto-attendant will ask the caller's name before trying a call transfer ("May I know who is calling?"). Caller will record his/her name. PhoneSoft will put caller on hold and do a cal transfer. If the extension to be transferred to answers, recipient has the possibility to listen to who is calling ("I have an incoming call from" - "Joe Doe") and accept or reject the call. In case of rejection caller will get person's greeting.

To set up call screening just a couple of things need to be enabled.

a) On server basis you have to enable the functionality globally

b) On user basis you have to enable the functionality per each user (or use LotusScript to do that)