PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:How to set up AMIS integration
Category:Configuration, MailCall, Telephony, Unified MailCall

AMIS (Analog Messaging Interface Specification) is used to connect and exchange voice messages with other Voice Mail systems AMIS compatible

To enable a user on a third-party Voice Mail system to receive messages left for him on the PhoneSoft system follows these steps:

1) Create a mail-in database, for example

Name: AMISMail

Server: MyServer/MyDomain

File name: AMISMail.NSF

2) For each AMIS user in the PhoneSoft Address Book (PSNames.NSF) specify

E-mail Address: AMISMail

System Number: <hunt group of the other voice mail system>

Receiver Mailbox: <mailbox on the other voice mail system>

3) Edit or create MailCall.INI file in C:\PhoneSoft\MailCall

LineNum=1 ;this is the line that will connect the other voice mail system and exchange voice messages
Interval=1 ;time interval in minutes