PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:Notes requirements for a unified messaging system
Category:Configuration, Installation, MailCall, PhoneServer, Unified MailCall


1) Domino Server (suggested)

We recommend to install the UM system on a Domino server even if that is not mandatory and could be also used a Notes client.

This is due to the following reasons:

a) The Server.ID (or User.ID) used by the UM system requires manager access (see below) onto all users' mailboxes. It's easier to accept to have a Server.ID with such high level access, instead of a User.ID

b) On the same system it will also run the fax server software that is a Domino task, usually to be loaded at the Domino console

2) Manager Access (mandatory)

UMServer.ID requires Manager Access (Lotus API development requires Canonical Name & Manager Access to get correct list of read/unread documents) onto all mailboxes

a) UMServer.ID should be added to LocalDomainServers group (if available), so it will be able to access all mailboxes with manager access

b) UMServer.ID and PC running UM system require proper physical security as any other Domino server in the company

3) Domino Directory (suggested)

We suggest to have a (one-way) replication of the Domino Directory on the UM Domino server, as we require additional fields in the person document, such as extension and password. New fields are grouped in a dedicated PhoneSoft tab of the person document and are all called PS_... (example: PS_Mailbox, PS_Password, etc..)

Even if this is not mandatory (as we could simply use a copy of the Domino Directory), it is recommended to use a replica of it, to avoid having an additional directory to administer

LotusScript could be used to automatically synchronize the PBX directory of users and the PhoneSoft information in person documents

4) Fixed IP address (mandatory)

UM server PC requires a fixed IP address

Note: Lotus UK used configuration above to implement our UM system


1) Mail template (recommended)

Users mail template need to be added of two buttons and two agents that will allow Notes client to "Play Multimedia" or "Play by Phone" new voice messages arriving in their Inbox

2) PSDesktop (recommended)

A small TCP/IP client software has to be installed on Notes workstations to allow to play by phone voce messages arriving into Notes Inbox