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Subject:Hang up detection with VVoice32.INI
Category:Configuration, Dialogic Voice Boards, Installation, MailCall, PhoneServer, Telephony, Unified MailCall

VVoice32.INI located in the "Windows" directory carries informations about tones definition and recognition
In particular T5 is set as hang up tone to be recognised to clear the line when caller hangs up and go back waiting for next caller

Tone Definitions Section

You can define four different types of tones as any combination of the following:

· Single tone or dual tone

· With cadence (on/off patterns) or without

Tones can be specified with a variety of parameters:

· Single or dual frequencies and frequency deviation

· Cadence pattern (time on, time off, and deviation allowed for each)

· Leading or trailing edge detection

Each type of tone is defined differently, and the following table lists the four types of tones and how they are defined in Vvoice32.ini:

Type Definition
Single Tone Tn=T1F, T1D, {L|T}
Dual Tone Tn=T1F, T1D, T2F, T2D, {L|T}
Single Tone w/ cadence Tn=T1F, T1D, C1T, C1TD, C0T, C0TD, CMRC
Dual tone w/ cadence Tn=T1F, T1D, T2F, T2D, C1T, C1TD, C0T, C0TD, CMRC
where the symbols are defined:

Symbol Definition
Tn Tone you are defining, where n is the tone number.
T1F First tone frequency in Hz.
T1D First tone +/- frequency deviation in Hz.
T2F Second tone frequency in Hz.
T2D Second tone +/- frequency deviation in Hz.
C1T Cadence on time duration, in 10 ms units.
C1D Cadence on time deviation, in 10 ms units.
C0T Cadence off time duration, in 10 ms units.
C0D Cadence off time deviation, in 10 ms units.
{L|T} Tone detection mode. Specify L for leading edge detection (when the tone starts), T for trailing edge detection (when the tone ends).
CMRC Cadence minimum repetition count. Specifies the minimum number of cadence repetitions required for the tone to be detected. Must be greater than 0.
For example, the following entry in Vvoice32.ini defines a fax machine "send" signal:

[Tone Definitions]

Vvoice32.ini comes with several standard tones already defined

You should modify T5 to match your hang up tone and have PhoneSoft to recognise it