PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:“Found New Hardware” message box on Windows 2000/XP
Category:Dialogic Voice Boards, Installation, MailCall, PhoneServer, Telephony, Unified MailCall

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP will pop up the “Found New Hardware” message box followed by the “Found New Hardware Wizard” for each Intel PCI telephony board.

Click Cancel in each of the opening wizard screens. Note that if desired, the “Found New Hardware” message for Intel PCI telephony boards can be disabled. It is recommended that the DCM board location process be executed at least once before disabling the “Found New Hardware” messages.

The steps to disable are:

- Login as System Administrator
- For each Intel PCI telephony board auto detected:
1) Select “Next” when prompted to search for a driver.
2) Select “Floppy” and “CD” and initiate the search for the driver.
3) Select “Skip Driver Installation”.
- Initiate reboot and wait for completion.