PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:Read/Unread flags - more Notes tips 'n tricks
Category:Configuration, MailCall, Unified MailCall

Many of you are aware that Notes provides an important feature of unread mail count on the database icon in the workspace.
Sometimes, it displays a number other than zero, even though there are no unread mails. This is partly attributed to the usage of the same workstation by many users and partly due to views/folders in your mail file not rebuilt properly.
Try either of the following steps to reset the count.
If you are very sure that the unread count is wrong, then select the Mail file -- Edit menu -- scan unread marks.
It MAY prompt you that the views are not built properly and ask you if you want to re-build them? Say yes. This will reset the count.
Open your mail file -- press CTRL + SHIFT + F9 to rebuild all the views/folders.

In addition to the causes mentioned in this tip, there apparently is an unread count error caused by deleting unread mail. When an unread message is purged from the database, it seems that the problem is compounded. This situation is best corrected by the Scan Unread method mentioned.
In relation to unread counts becoming incorrect, the solution I have found always works is:
Go to your "Views, All Documents" view.
1. Click on the "View Unread" button in this view.
2. Press the "Control" and "A" keys at the same time. (You should see all e-mails in red with a star and a tick next to them on the left.)
3. Click the "View All" button. (All documents will reappear, with the unread documents still ticked.)
4. Select "Edit, Unread Marks, Mark All Read" from the menus. (The ticked e-mails will become read).
5. Select "Edit, Unread Marks, Mark Selected Unread" from the menus. (The ticked e-mails will be restored to unread status).
I have tried the CTRL + SHIFT + F9 before and found this does not always correct the problem. I will try the scan unread marks as a quick fix and see how this fairs.