PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:Error opening .LIC
Category:Configuration, MailCall, PhoneServer, Unified MailCall

The described error often occurs when there is a file corruption in the following files
you can find in C:\PhoneSoft directory

Stop PhoneServer application, delete only PSOFTLOG.DBF PSOFTLOG.CDX and restart PhoneServer
Empty files will be recreated automatically
If you still have the problem, then the other two files may be corrupted

In this case you have to take note carefully of lines configuration in the main screen of PhoneServer
- Phone
- Application
before deleting or moving to another directory PLINES.DBF PLINES.CDX (these files store lines configuration)
Once you restart PhoneServer, blank files will be recreated and no lines will be active
You have to double click on each line, reconfigure as they were
- Phone#
- Application
- Autostart
and press the button "Start"