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Subject:Hang Up - The system does not recognise the hang up
Category:Configuration, Dialogic Voice Boards, Installation, MailCall, Unified MailCall

Unified MailCall
When the caller hangs up the system keeps processing the call instead of clering immediately the line.

You must in some way know the hang up tone frequency:
a) You can ask your PBX supplier.
b) You can analyze a file recorded by Unified MailCall containing the hang up tone.
c) You can use PBXpert (provided with the Dialogic drivers) to learn the tone from the PBX.

Once you know the correct frequency and cadence of the hang up tone, go and edit the VVOICE32.INI file you can find in the Windows directory.
Some examples will allow you to edit the T5 value (the disconnect tone) to match your own!