PhonSoft Technical Library
Subject:Architecture - wiring and configuration of analogue lines
Category:Configuration, Installation, Unified MailCall

Unified MailCall We recommend to wire and configure the analogue lines used by the PhoneSoft system in the following way.

The system should use the first line free when receiving a call; therefore the PBX must be configure to distribute the calls linearly on the lines belonging to the hunt group used by the system

By wiring the lines accordingly you will be able to you will then have the system getting busy starting from line number 1, then line 2 if line 1 is busy, then line 3 if lines 1 and 2 are busy, and so on...

We recommend this because the PSDesktop commands (typically the Play By Phone) are processed by the last idle line. We will then see the last lines being used by desktop requests and the first lines used by incoming calls, minimizing the risk of collisions between them!